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Contract law

Contracts: An Essential Part of Any Business

Contracts are a necessity when running a business, and a smart business owner will engage the services of a contract attorney for assistance. Not only are business contracts important for protecting your interests, but these transactions are also governed by contract law. So, it is essential to ensure that your contract matches industry regulations and laws.

Our contract law attorneys at VBLG have experience in a range of contract services. We are here to assist with general business contracts, including partnership agreements, service contracts, confidentiality agreements, promissory notes, and more. We can also help with more specialized agreements such as leases, property use agreements, and a variety of purchase contracts for business ownership transitions.

Contract Law Attorneys

As you learn more about contract law, you’ll see that this is a highly regulated topic. When hiring a contract law attorney, you need more than basic contract advice. Make sure that you are hiring a legal team that has hands-on experience with contract law, ensuring the legitimacy of your contracts.

The Veterans Business Law Group understands the law and provide custom services to ensure that your business contracts are compliant with applicable regulations. We are here to offer a full range of contract law services for businesses:

  • Contract Drafting: When a contract needs to be drafted, we work with input from both parties and with the goal of writing a contract to meet the needs of our client.
  • Contract Review: Before you sign a contract, our attorneys can review the document, looking for unacceptable clauses and inconsistencies.
  • Contract Negotiation: Our team can make sure your interests are protected by negotiating the terms of a contract.


The ultimate goal is to ensure that the contract is designed to protect your business in all circumstances. We have years of experience in working with businesses throughout the state of California and through a wide variety of business fields, from law firms and medical offices, to larger scale construction companies. This has given us insights regarding the proactive strategies that can be used for your business interests.

Talk to Our Contract Law Attorneys

Whether you have a contract that needs to be reviewed, you are looking for support in drafting a new contract, or you need help with negotiations, our team is here to assist every step of the way. Learn more about the available services by calling The Veterans Business Law Group at (951) 594-9456.